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Adrian Your FAA 107 Pilot and Photographer

Drone Photography in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego.

Great for Ocean Front Properties, Near Park, Mountain View, Estates !  NEW Service offering Drone Fly Through Your Property for Stunning Experience.  

Always using the newest technology !  Fly Through Drone.

Speak to the Photographer Directly: 562-538-6471

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Your Photographer and Super Host

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Airbnb Assistant is a real estate and architecture photography specialist, as the name suggests. They also have a segment that primarily works with Airbnb hosts to photograph their properties and shoot high-quality aerial photography.

They're also big-time into drone photography and videography, and that gives them a full-service label for anybody looking for a real estate photography and videography solution. They're willing to travel anywhere in the country to take care of any real estate or other types of property photo assignment.

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Real Estate Photographer Long Beach News

Looking to share unmatched views of your commercial or residential property from above? A Federal Aviation Administration-certified drone pilot like Adrian of Airbnb Assistant is where you should turn! His images take us not only indoors and without but above, allowing potential buyers to fully appreciate the land, skies, and general feel of the neighborhood. Infrastructure and construction projects also hire him

to highlight the progress of their building projects.

Adrian works all throughout Southern California, from Los Angeles down to San Diego. He is in demand not only with contractors and architects but also with owners looking to cast their vacation and residential spaces in the best possible light. Adrian’s images nicely elevate their listing above others, who typically rely on grainy cell phone pictures. His work uses professional-level cameras and lenses to feature the natural light, fine details, and architectural elements that make a space special.

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