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A message from the CEO & Photographer

Updated: May 7

In 2024, we are steering into more difficult times with our short-term rentals (STR).

Three Major STR players competing now in the STR business are Airbnb,, and VRBO now owned by Expedia an experienced company in the travel business. A Lot of exciting changes in 2024, and healthy competition. They are all very different. Some provide excellent support, while others help you to have amazing images of your property. But in the end, you are the business owner and have to choose what makes you stand out from the other STR’s!

I have been in the STR business since the beginning of Airbnb as an Airbnb photographer and super host. I am currently hosting in three different countries, and it’s a challenge. Guests expect more and want to pay less. It takes lot of work in marketing, photography, and customer services to stand out from other listings.

While there is no one solution for every host, since all the listings and hosting locations are very unique; I always try to take the time while at the property to provide free consulting during our photo shoot.

By the way, Google Vacation Rentals could be another big game changer.

Happy Hosting & Happy Holidays!

Adrian Lewandowski

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